Our Terms of use

This agreement establishes conditions on the use of all services related to FO Meet provided by FO Meet Mobile (” we ” and ” us “) between users who use the service and us.

Article 1 (Agreement with the Covenant)

Please read the terms carefully before using the service. Users must use the service according to the rules. Users can not use the service unless they agree with the terms valid and irrevocable. Regardless of whether you are a member or not, you will be deemed to have validly and irrevocably agreed to the terms by using the service.

Article 2 (Application of the Covenant)

In the event that the provisions of the Covenant are contrary to the relevant laws and regulations applicable to the contract under the terms with users, such provision shall not apply to the contract with the users as long as it is so. However, even in this case, the effect of other provisions of the Covenant shall not be affected.

Article 3 (contents of service)

The service is a service that matches users of 18 years old (excluding high school students) who are studying languages ​​living in Japan and visiting foreigners for language learning · international exchange purpose. Service can be used for free except for some functions. For language learning and international exchanges, we encourage you to use paid features in order to communicate with other users adequately. In addition, the service does not guarantee improvement of language ability or international exchange.

Article 4 (definition)

In the service terms of use, the following terms are defined as follows. (content); Any information entered by users through the service, such as profile, message, etc., functions such as search and matching service. (Users); According to the registration procedure of the service which we have decided, it is an individual qualified to use the service by agreeing to the terms of service, completing membership registration of the service.

Article 5 (provision of service, no guarantee, change and suspension)

We shall be able to limit the users who can receive the provision of the services to customers who satisfy the condition of membership registration, age, availability of the identity, other conditions judged necessary by us I will. When judging that we need it, we shall be able to change the contents of all or part of the service at any time and cancel the offer at any time without notifying the users in advance. We are not responsible for any damage caused to users based on the measures we have done under this provision. We do not disclose anything to the service, including virtually or legally disadvantages or negligence (such as safety, reliability, accuracy, integrity, validity, security issues, errors and bugs, infringement of rights etc.) We do not guarantee that there is not).

Article 6 (usage qualification)

Over 18 years old (excluding high school students) is available service. Judgment of age, sex and so on is done in a reasonable range based on our birth date registered in SNS at the time of member registration, relationship status, personal self-assessment etc, and all members of the service We do not necessarily guarantee that it is in accordance with the personal information displayed. If a violation is found after registration, we will disable membership registration at our discretion. We shall not assume any responsibility for damage caused to users due to invalidation measures. When judging that we need it, we can change the contents of all or part of the service at any time and cancel the offer at any time without informing users in advance. We are not responsible for any damage caused to users based on the measures we have done under this provision. By using the service you are deemed to assert and warrant that you have the right, authority, obligation and ability to participate in this Agreement and to comply with all the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Please understand that the service does not investigate users’ criminal backgrounds and that we do not guarantee this point. The service does not guarantee current or future members’ actions and consistency. We judge that if we judge that users may violate the terms of use, those who have been canceled registration of use of services in the past, anti-social forces etc etc , We will disable membership registration at our discretion of users. We shall not bear any responsibility for damage in this case.

Article 7 (responsibility of users and duty of care)

Users shall use the services based on their own responsibility and shall assume all responsibility for the contents that users publish. Users shall indemnify us for any damages or responsibilities in the event of a dispute, claim for damages or the like due to the use of others’ work, etc, and we will deal with the dispute by our own responsibility We shall assume. Users are responsible for managing and storing user IDs and passwords at their own responsibility and shall not be used by third parties, loans, assignments, name changes, trading, etc. Users are asking us about any disputes arising from alteration or tampering with the content of users, unauthorized viewing of personal information etc., by requesting us to steal user IDs and passwords by third parties, claims for damages, etc. We shall indemnify any and all. If users give damages to us in the acts stipulated in this section, we acknowledge that we have the right to demand damages against said users. We shall be able to suspend or suspend all or part of the use of the service without notifying users in advance if it falls under any of the following. Periodic or urgent internal inspection or maintenance work of a computer / system related to service When the computer, communication line, etc. stop due to accident When the service can not be managed due to force majeure such as fire, blackout, natural disasters Trouble, interruption or suspension of service provision, change in specification, etc. occurred in the registered SNS In addition, we judge that it is necessary to suspend or suspend We are not responsible for any damage caused to users based on the measures we have done under this section.

Article 8 (Prohibited matter)

Users shall not perform the following acts in using the service. If we judge that users have performed these prohibited acts or we are going to do so, we will not inform users, we will delete the data of the applicable content, display a reminder to the users , Or make it possible to restrict use or forced leave. However, we are not obligated to suspend or delete the relevant data etc, we are not obligated to explain about deletion of data and disposition of usage restrictions etc. In addition, we are not responsible for any damage caused to users based on the measures we have done under this section. Acts contrary to the contract Acts of copying, using or disclosing images on services such as members’ icon images by capture or other methods without our consent Acts in violation of the laws and regulations of the country or region where users are located or in use Something contrary to social norms or public order and morals, or acts of infringing the rights of others or posting things that would be annoying to others Acts of assigning its user ID and password to third parties other than users, natural persons, corporations, organizations, organizations, etc., to use the service An act of keeping his / her user ID and password ready for a third party Acts of providing profit directly or indirectly to antisocial forces in connection with services Acts of disclosing personal information of a third party Activities that do not aim for language learning or international exchange Membership registration under 18 years old (including high school students) and use of contents Acts that contravand public order and morals, such as sexual depiction, cruel expression, expression that induces crime, discrimination expression, etc. Content viewer Spoil acts as a third party Deceive content viewers by posting false information on contents Damage the honor and social credibility of a third party, acts that cause discomfort or mental damage Election campaign, or acts that are similar to these or acts that conflict with public election law Acts of collecting personal information of third parties such as natural persons, corporations, organizations, organizations other than users including content viewers Acts of infringing intellectual property rights owned by third parties, Acts of inducing infringement of copyright and portrait rights · Characters and images on services, nicknames of members, icons Acts of using images, sub-photos, profile information, self-introduction sentences, other members’ information without notice Acts that hinder the operation of services We judge that there is a possibility that it will hinder the operation of the service Act that burdens the server such as large amount of data transfer Commercial advertisement · advertisement act to send to specific or unspecified large number of users for the purpose of guiding to adult related services Acts that disclose harmful computer viruses, codes, files, programs, etc., or suggest actions relating to the disclosed location MLM or similar things, acts to post content to be judged to be fearful Child pornography or similar content or act of posting content that we judge to be similar to child pornography Acts of posting a link to the site of content that we judged as content depicting genitals such as genital exposure image, animation or data depicting genitalia

Article 9 (Term of contract and termination of contract)

As long as users is a member of the service, this agreement is valid and cooling-off is not allowed. Users can terminate membership for any reason at any time by sending us a notification of withdrawal from the service application within the service. If users violate one or more provisions of this Agreement and if we judge that there is a danger, we will immediately terminate the membership of users at any time, remove the content to be prohibited, You can stop using the service. In addition, we can prohibit permanently or temporarily that users access all or part of the service. In addition, we can not refund any payment even if the usage period for which users have been purchased has not expired. If users are terminated the paid service, the registration with the service is also ended, and even if there is a usage period for which users have been purchased before the end, all the services will be unusable. I can not do refund on daily basis. If users is not a paid member, the service can invalidate the account of the member who did not use the service for more than 6 months (from the date of last connection to the service).

Article 10 (Prohibition of reuse)

When users use our services and data constituting them beyond the purpose of providing services, we reserve the right to stop these acts and the profit equivalent of users obtained by these acts I have the right to claim.